Buy Hazelnut Trees

Commercial Farming

Stock is available throughout the year in 15cm pots and in winter as bare-root whips.

Farmers intending to plant large areas should contact us for consultation and farm pricing. Generally pre-orders need to be placed to ensure stock is available.  Please contact us for a current order form.

Hobbyist level pricing

Small volume sales of our commercial nut varieties are available for backyard hobbyist plantings via mail order. We recommend planting three pollinisers (early, mid and late pollen shed) for each main variety.

Hazelnut trees need cross pollination to produce good nut production. We have a complete range of early, mid and late season pollinisers.

  • Single 15cm pots of each variety are available as single potted whips, all year round.
  • Bare rooted - available in Winter only - Bare rooted whips, average 1m high, and are packed in sawdust.


All retail prices are inclusive of GST, but do not include delivery.