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Ebook – Cultivating hazelnuts in Australia

We recently released an ebook on Cultivating Hazelnuts in Australia. The cost is $55 (incl gst). It's co-authored by Colin and Nathan Carter with advice from Bruce West (hazelnut industry pioneer).

This ebook would be suitable for anyone contemplating setting up a hazelnut grove. However, it would be a good reference for someone with established hazelnuts to ensure the best maintenance issues are being followed.

The hazelnut industry has had a problematical history owing to older varieties not being successfully pollinated. Now we have newer compatible polliniser varieties that ensure good pollination and therefore nut set. The pollination issues and discussion of all the varieties is included.

It has a practical step by step approach to establishing a new hazelnut grove from soil preparation, liming, cultivation, setting out and planting. There’s also a section on managing an established grove and discusses the maintenance issues like weed control, de-suckering, pruning, watering, pests and diseases.

Later there is a section on harvesting and drying hazelnuts. This is followed by marketing and looking at value added products, like roasted kernel and hazelnut meal and paste. There is a section on ornamental uses with hazelnut hedges and garden planting. The final section is a brief discussion on growing truffles on hazelnuts. There is also a spreadsheet on Return on Investment for commercial hazelnuts.

The ebook is 33 pages and the pdf file size is 3MB so it can be emailed. Alternatively, it is available on USB memory stick for an additional charge (including packing & postage).

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